Sunday, May 2, 2010

More on Art Shows

I'm not a fan of art shows.
• They're hard work.
• They take lots of muscle.
• They require lugging heavy paintings and supplies long distances over bumpy terrain making several trips in the process.
• The weather is unpredictable.

At one show, a violent storm blew up, whipping our tents and frames into a frenzy. We grabbed our paintings and ran for cover as the rain drenched us. Our outdoor venue turned into an indoor one. We greeted our guests with hair plastered to our heads, and water dripping from our soggy clothes.

At an outdoor mall, a gust of wind whirled through the plaza knocking over a large framed piece of mine that hit the pavement cracking an expensive frame.

But there are trade-offs; like the comradery of like-minded artists who share their dreams and their love for creating things of beauty. And there are people like you who show up to admire our work and give us incentive to continue. As my friend Kelly Bell the photographer and creator of "The Sorry Gardner" said: "It's not about the plants." And for we artists: "It's not about the money." If it were, we'd all be rich instead of starving.

Another trade-off: I get to share my picture book creations and illustrated stories and cards with my fans. I can share one with you here through the magic of the internet. Click on the link for a FREE sneak preview.

I'm not a fan of art shows, but they keep me in touch with people like you, and that makes the effort worthwhile!

Watch for my next blog. I'll announce the winner of the "With These Hands Contest." Stay tuned!