Thursday, May 20, 2010

Squirrely over Squirrels

I like squirrels. They're furry and cute. They play games like twitch-the-tail, and tag-you're it. They play hide 'n seek with us when we're out walking. Sometimes they stay as close to the path as they can, and dare us to come closer. Then they take off like a shot up the nearest tree.

We were able to watch three squirrel families
nest and give birth in our cabbage palm out back.
I snapped some cute photos I'll share with you
on today's blog. I'm waiting for one painting to dry, ready to start another, and have one in process; not quite ready to share on this blog. I'm also breaking in a new computer, and trying to decide what to do with incompatible programs that have some vital stuff I need.

Please be patient with me through this transition period.

Mom and Dad set up housekeeping above.

I wanted to share some of the pictures I took during the time the squirrels lived in our cabbage palm. When hurricane Charlie, followed by Wilma, whipped through our area, the cabbage palm fronds were blown apart. That was the last squirrel nest we were privileged to witness. Some day (amid my many projects), I will write and illustrate a story about them. Enjoy!

Three youngsters looking at their new world for the first time. Very brave, they crept to the edge of their "front porch."