Monday, June 21, 2010

Completed Rooster Painting "Star Billing"

Yes, I know, this painting is totally off the wall for me. But hey, it is a bird, and I’ve done a few of those. There’s just something about a rooster that made me want to paint one. And then there was that photo my friend sent me of her daughter the veterinarian’s pet rooster “Chicken Nuggets.” (see below)

For better or worse, I became star struck. I finished off my painting with a layer of oils on the rooster and the bale of hay. I think it made the rooster "pop," but the lighting on the painting didn’t quite capture what it looks like in person. That may be because the paint is still wet. Wet paint fools the camera and sometimes gives it a glare that prevents the proper contrast.

"If I were a rich man," er artist, and I’m not, I’d hire a photographer to take pictures of all my paintings. But where’s the fun in that?

My challenge was to make the talons and legs stand out against the similar color of the hay. I used Winsor & Newton Indian red, yellow ochre, and mixing white. In areas that required more shading, I added a smidge of burnt sienna. The same mixture was used on the beak, with a bit more yellow ochre.

There are thousands of rooster paintings out there. I hope mine is a tad unique; if not, I’ll go back to the drawing board or “forget about it.”

I’m currently working on an all acrylic painting of an old farm. I used several photos and combined the parts of them I liked. For some reason, this painting has been difficult for me. I got so much feedback from other artists in my league, that my original vision of what I wanted became fuzzy and confused. Here is one of the original photos that inspired me.

I put the painting aside for a few months, and now I’m going to attack it again, this time alone and with my own peculiar style. I’ll give you a peak at it on my next blog and maybe get some helpful comments or suggestions from you.