Friday, June 25, 2010

This is The Farm That Carol Built

Well, almost! I literally combined several pictures to create this painting. Maybe that's why I'm having such a difficult time completing it.

When I was on vacation last year, I took photos of an old farmhouse and barn in Minnesota. Then I photographed a piece of fence, and then some hollyhocks. When I got back home, I found a photo of a more modern farmhouse, but it had the exact fence I wanted already covered with hollyhocks . I added that photo to the mix, and then decided that blue morning glories would look simply smashing with the red flowers. Are you as confused as I am about now? Do you get my point?

This painting has been a real bear for me. I've had so much feedback not only from myself, but from others, that I'm still not certain where I want to take it. I have learned that painting with acrylics is not my favorite thing to do. They dry too quickly, and the colors don't mix. It's a matter of overlapping different colors until you get what you want.

Strangely, most of the bird paintings you can see on my gallery are done in acrylics. I was able to get the feathering I wanted just because the paint dried so quickly! I do prefer using acrylics as an undercoat and then brushing oil paint over the top of it for depth and color.

As with all my "works in progress" it's all about the details. I will continue to work on this painting until I feel that I have solved some of its glaring problems. Those of you who are more experienced painters than I, please feel free to give me suggestions for improvement. Please put on your artist's hat and peck away!