Tuesday, June 8, 2010

"With These Hands--Love"

The oil is still wet, and I may have to take another photo before I upload to my gallery; but for better or worse, the painting is complete. I have tweaked it again, and again, but can't quite capture the model's expression. I think it makes a nice painting none-the-less. Portraits are difficult at best. I hope you like the finished product.

I have only one address thus far for mailing the prizes. If the winners will please email me a personal message with their mailing adddress, I'd appreciate it.

I'm currently working on a landscape scene done entirely of acrylics, and my rooster is in the beginnning stages. There are so many rooster paintings out there, why am I crazy enough to do one? I'm a glutton for punishment, I guess. And I just plain like roosters. I think they are beautiful birds in their own right.

I have my preliminary sketch done and have transferred that sketch to canvas. I've plotted my color scheme using a color wheel, and I'm ready to roll. I did try to give you a digital color sketch showing you what I had in mind, but the program I use is on my old computer and it crashed in the middle of the process. My old PC is on it's last gasp, believe me! I'm going to have to purchase new software for editing pictures, I guess.

Stay tuned for pictures of my next acrylic landscape and for the finished rooster I will title: "Star Billing."