Friday, August 6, 2010

Were you always an artist?

I get that question a lot! The answer is "no;" but the truth is that my latent talent must have been simmering just below the surface.

Before I learned how to paint and draw (or should I say: before an art instructor taught me how to see?), I used my sewing machine to design wall hangings, pillows, and pictures. When you have a creative bent, it will always find a means of expression in one form or another. Without an outlet, frustration ensues.

Some people love to cook and entertain. Their food presentations rival that of any sculpture or work of art. Some people express themselves through writing, through dance, or through athletics.

There are many ways to express yourself and your feelings. Your individual reactions to the things around you shape your own personal perspective on life. Combine that with your own unique and varied experiences, and you have the basis for developing a personal style.

Where does creativity come from? Is it divinely inspired? Is there karma or are there vibes moving through the universe that we simply attach our thoughts to when we're "in tune?" Does it matter? The way we react to the inspiration we receive is unique to each of us. The source is as personal as the act of creation.

For me "my brush with God" is linked to my faith walk with him. For others, it may be meditation, inspiration from others, or simply an inborn gift that resides somewhere in the human soul. For whatever reason, the more we share our gift or gifts, the more they multiply.

I enjoy sharing my gifts with you. I'm in a transition mode right now, and my next work of art is still out there somewhere. I hope it will transform itself by next week's blog. In the meantime, please enjoy the drawings that have come out of my love of living in "Paradise!"