Friday, May 13, 2011

Harmony Happens when Everything is In Sync

Another way to say it: “Ta da” (my painting is finished).

Moody Blues

This painting was a joy in the making. I not only adore this model (I’ve used her before), but she has many sides to her personality and she seems to enjoy showing them off. I was eager to do something different and thought her “moody” pose would allow for experimentation. I hope you enjoy it!

As my title suggests: Harmony happens when everything in a painting and in life are in sync. Too bad this can’t happen every day, but it doesn’t. In a marriage or partnership, one person may be feeling edgy and restless, while the other person is happy and upbeat. If they come together, which they likely will, there is a clash. Sometimes the crashing of symbols may erupt as they vie for space and control. The tempo elevates, the sound increases, and each experiences disharmony.

I’ve had a few paintings like that. Some of the elements may be incongruent with the overall theme. The values may not appear as they should, or the colors may not be in harmony; perhaps intentionally, perhaps not. Painting a picture is not as simple as I once thought. The more I learn, the more complicated it becomes. I have a great respect for those who have paid their dues in the hard knocks of education, practice, and learning.

Life is like that. I’ve told my friends that everything I’ve learned in life, I’ve learned by the seat of my pants. I’m a self educated writer and artist who spent hours slugging through books in the Public Library to gain knowledge reading every magazine and publication in my field. I’ve had many personal problems to overcome. What I lack in skill and talent, I make up for in determination. If that makes me stubborn (I prefer tenacious), so be it.

The point of all of this? Make peace with yourself. You are what you are! Make the most of it. Don’t wait for the perfect time, opportunity, or place to live your life fully. If you do, the chances to grow and succeed may be lost. You can have the life you want. You just have to reach out and grab the brass ring. Go for it!