Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tragedy Mirrors Beauty of The Soul

Have you noticed that tragedy either brings out the worst in people or the best? Our nation, in fact the world, has experienced one tragedy after another these past two years: floods, fires, tsunamis, earth quakes, tornadoes, volcanic eruptions, cancelled plane reservations, power outages, lack of food and water, you name it!

And what has come out of this pain and suffering? Goodness; the strength of human character, the kindness of one person helping another, the humbleness of unspoken prayers and those coming from the heart.

I’ve long wanted to capture these faces and feelings in a painting. A contest sponsored by Fine Art America (FAA), an online web site, is called “Earth Tones.” I love working with earth tones, so I decided to prepare a small submission.

My work in progress will be 11x14 when finished. I wanted to do something different; somewhat experimental. I don’t know if it will work as I expect, but I hope so. I wanted to capture the pain and suffering on the faces of victims who have suffered pain, endured loss, and who feel broken and lost by their experiences.

Every day we hear stories of crimes, of evil actions with disastrous results. We wonder if there is any good in the world. And then disasters of great magnitude come along and the plain and simple people of the earth are lifted to the forefront. Their goodness inspires us and reminds us that basically, most people are good.

We suffer with them. We cheer them on and admire their courage. They become role models in a world where what is taunted and exposed is fame, fortune, glamor, and evil. Our faith in God and in humanity is strengthened as we watch from our safe untouched living rooms. Some of us will pray for the victims; others will donate money and time. Still others will physically leave the safety of what is familiar to lend a helping hand. The best in us comes to the surface, and “all’s right with the world,” once again.

I’m sharing my drawing and preparatory work in this blog. Your comments are always welcome.