Saturday, May 24, 2014

Foibles, Inhibitions or Plain Old Fear – The Show Must Go On!

"Para-sailing Roseate Spoonbill" watercolor drawing
I’ve been working this week, filling in for a friend who is on vacation. The next few weeks will be hectic, to say the least. But push forward I must! As a result, my paintings will not get done as soon as expected, but there are other ideas waiting in the wings.

I have only painted one rooster and love the magnificence of these fine creatures. Their color and regal splendor fascinate me. Each has a definite personality. You can see it in the glint of their eyes and in the way they proudly strut their stuff to an adoring throng of chicks.

"Star Billing" mixed media on wrapped canvas
A rooster is a male at its best. A "cock of the walk." Not only are they showy, they can sing in their own unique way as they wake us in song: “Here I am world!”

I plan to do some drawings called “Cockadoodles to Crow about” (If I don’t get plagiarized first). But instead of using ordinary color, I want to use the henna designs from India that I showed you a few blogs back to fill in their wings and tail feathers.

Ideas are the lifeblood of artists and writers. They come and go and we must nail them down before they get away. I’m consumed by ideas every moment of every day. I have difficulty answering questions or following a conversation, especially if I’m interrupted in thought (Just ask my husband!).

Egyptian lure, clothing, and sculpture intrigue me. I want to explore some paintings and drawings, but then my personal sensibilities slap my hand and say: “no, no, no!” Why is that? Why do we allow our inhibitions, our religion or our squeamishness to come between us and the inspirational vibes that sent them in the first place?

I’d be curious if any other artists or writers run into these same barriers; these self-induced walls of fear?

Since I love to draw people, I thought I’d like to do some “discreet” boudoir drawings or paintings; but again my prudish conscience holds me back. 

On the light side, I tell myself, that God created everything and it is all good and beautiful. Perhaps it depends on the way we handle the subject. We can make lewd artwork not only by what we draw or paint but how. The how is the overriding question.

How we compose or position the human body can make the difference in how it’s perceived. The model’s pose and facial expression can change the mood and influence people’s reaction. Is he/she smirking or flirting? Is the work seductive? Is the model a temptress or a shy virginal innocent? Suggestive angles may verge on the pornographic. These unlikely positions may titillate some people while offending others.

Each time a canvas or idea is conceived, we must grapple with our choices while fighting our inner demons or angels. The battle rages on until the canvas is confronted and the paint begins to run. After that we cannot stop ourselves. The show must go on!

"The Neptunes -- Golden Girls" acrylic on panel