Saturday, June 30, 2012

Networking Plus Collaboration Equals Recognition

(Front Cover)

My oldest daughter, Pamela Torres, has written a middle-grade book. When she asked me to illustrate it, I was thrilled. Since she has given a sneak preview on her blog of the cover, I wanted to provide a link where you can view her description of the book:

(Back Cover)

Pam also writes book reviews for middle-grade authors, and has a following of writers, authors and publishers. Please follow the progress of her book on her blog and the links she provides.

Collaboration adds another network of viewers and is a wonderful way to gain recognition and make connections. I have recently been asked for permission to use my painting: “With These Hands – Wonder” on the cover of “Natural Awakenings Magazine” in August. I’ll keep you posted on this opportunity.

"With These Hands--Wonder" 16x20 oil on canvas

In September, I’ll be one of the artists featured at Art for Acts Gallery in downtown Fort Myers. Part of the money from any sales goes to help abused women in the area by providing a safe harbor for wives, mothers and children. I’m proud to be a member of this Gallery.

I joined the “Pan American Alliance for Art, Culture, and Industry, Inc.”, and automatically became a member of the Art Council of Southwest Florida and connected with its associated members. This has opened doorways for shows, features, and juried contests. The greatest benefit is exposure to the community and networking opportunities with other artists.

Don’t be afraid to “put yourself out there.” After the first time jitters wear off, the excitement of participation and sales will boost your confidence. Instead of thinking “I’m not sure if I’m good enough,” say: “I think I can; I know I can” like “The Little Engine that could!”

You are capable of fulfilling your dreams. One step at a time, take each opportunity as it comes and prove to yourself that you’re competent, dependable, and capable. Like any good salesman, a person in the business of selling himself and his products or services soon learns that the word “no” isn’t so bad, after all. If that’s the worst thing that can happen to you, be mature enough to take it.

"Broken" 9x12 mixed media -- SOLD at a neighborhood Art Walk

Getting beyond “no” and realizing that you’re strong and capable is half the battle. From there, things can only get better!