Friday, July 2, 2010

Celebrating July 4th – America’s Independence!

I didn’t get my new painting photographed for this blog (sorry). I’m still grappling with old software and printer. I’ll have it ready for next week – I promise!

Pretty Baby!

I thought I’d share some favorite “patriotic” family photos with you. I remember my third child (second son) was born on July 6th. The fireworks had been delayed because of when the 4th fell that week; something about accommodating the business world, etc.

I went into labor as we watched the red, white, and blue fireworks burst into flame. My son was a ten pound baby, three weeks overdue. What a celebration!

Tomorrow my husband and I are attending a minor league baseball game (the “Miracles”). After the game, we’ll watch some fantastic fireworks (if it’s anything like last year). We’re turning this event into an annual tradition. Is there anything more “Americana” than watching a baseball game while chomping on hotdogs with mustard, relish, and onions, followed by a spectacular fireworks display?

I’m proud of my son-in-law who is still serving in Iraq. He has sacrificed many years of his life in the military. He’s been in Iraq twice. His family has also sacrificed for this country.

Little Angel

When I say “God Bless America,” I do it with gratitude for the freedoms we enjoy here, and for the sacrifices made by our troops and our veterans.

Having fun at Stone Mountain.

Getting ready to feast on watermelon.

Cute salute to the holiday on the link below—enjoy!