Tuesday, July 13, 2010

NEW: "With These Hands--Hope"

For this "work in progress," I sketched a simple drawing on a 16x20 canvas. The figures in the background are faint, and will become almost blurred images in the final painting.

 I have always enjoyed the energy of athletic paintings. It's a challenge creating movement and motion on canvas and making it look real and believable.

When the drawing was complete, I used acrylic paint to set the drawing and fill in the figures and plains with acrylic washes. The next step will be a thin coat of linseed oil and turpenoid wiped over the acrylic so it will accept the oil paint for the final coats. Below is the acrylic drawing.

Thanks to all my devoted fans who stuck by me while I've been learning the ropes of blogging and my transition to a new computer, etc. I'm happy to announce that people can now purchase prints, giclees, greeting cards, etc. directly from Facebook which now has a direct link to my online gallery.

The painting featured today is the third in my children's series: "With These Hands." The young basketball player is trying to shoot a basket before her opponent gets the ball. I dubbed this painting: "Hope."

To refresh your memory, I have added two small images of the first two paintings in the "With These Hands" series: "Love" and "Wonder." Both are available at

I am planning on doing three more in the "Hands" series, but these paintings will feature older adults.