Friday, July 23, 2010

Unwind with the Comics

When my dad came home after a long day’s work, he sat in his favorite chair and devoured the comic books: “Bugs Bunny,” “Donald Duck,” “Daffy Duck,” “Alley Oop.” Dad was a welder and worked physically hard in addition to driving long distances to and from work each day.

I thought comic books were for kids, and I’m sure I smart-mouthed his actions. My mother in his defense said: “You should read more comic books yourself; it might help your sense of humor.”

I considered both of my parents to be uneducated and unsophisticated. Why didn’t my father read real books like everyone else? Of course, he did, but I either forgot or chose to ignore that.

Even in later years, my mother thought I was far too serious. I felt she didn’t appreciate the stress I was under. At any rate, reading the comics was way down on my list of priorities, and I ignored her advice.

I had far more important things to do. I had responsibilities: my children, my job, my volunteer obligations for my church and for the causes I loved. I was trying to get ahead in life. The last thing I needed was the comics!

It took me many years of growing and maturing before I realized how wise my parents really were. Today, I follow my mother’s advice. I’ve discovered that on my most stressful days—reading the comics is as good as taking a tranquilizer. After a few guffaws, snickers, and heehaws, I’m ready to tackle the hard tasks ahead.

Dad had it right. What a way to unwind after a hard day’s work! Mom had a point. I was far too serious! Today I’m more laid back; not quite as stuffy and rigid as before. And now more than ever, I appreciate the artistic skills and the humor of professional cartoonists.

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