Friday, July 30, 2010

When Lightning Strikes--Look Out!

Florida is the lightning capitol of the world. Yes, really! Every year, lightning strikes and kills more than one unwary tourist who pooh poohs the seriousness of the threat. “Just one more shot,” they think as they swing their driver for the last time. Believe you me, when the golf siren sounds, you’d better run for cover.

They say lightning doesn’t strike twice in the same place. Whoever “they” are is all wet. One man in Florida has been hit by lightning three times and lived to talk about it. We have our own sad tale to tell.

Over the last seven years, we’ve lost two TV sets and one computer to the unpredictable forces of lightning; even though our house is grounded, and we use surge protectors everywhere.

Take last night. There was not a cloud in the sky except off in the east. The sun was shining brightly, and only a few thunderheads rumbled in the distance. Then Zap! Our TV lost its signal. The static roar was deafening! This is our second TV to “bite the dust.”

I unplugged my NEW wireless computer, and hoped for the best. Two years ago, I wasn’t so lucky. My surge protector didn’t protect and my computer died, even though it was turned off. I replaced the hard drive through a friend only to replace it with a new computer earlier this year.

Now you’ll find us scrambling to unplug our appliances at the first hint of storm. But then there are evenings like last night when you simply have no warning at all. As my oldest daughter once said, “no matter where you live, there are trade-offs.”

She’s right. We traded the risk of hurricanes and lightning for idyllic winters in Paradise and year-round seaside swimming and golfing. The downside is having tropical muggy weather in the summer, and having to keep extra money in the bank for “risk” insurance. At any rate, my crystal ball predicts a new TV in our future (the current one is less than five years old).

To keep you up to speed on my latest ventures, I will be showing the first oil paint application on my “With These Hands—Hope” painting next week. You may scroll down and find the original drawing and painting in its preliminary stages.

For the rest of the summer (August and part of September) I am going to concentrate on drawing. I need to add more drawings to my gallery, and I’m getting a little rusty. Drawing is a skill that requires practice, practice, practice!

Have a good weekend everybody!