Friday, July 16, 2010

Hand Crafted Greeting Cards

With such a large family and many friends, I had to forgo gift giving long ago. There were just too many people! So I started making greeting cards. By the time I put my time into them and paid for the color ink cartridges, they were almost as much as the cards on sale in department stores, but they were personal, and made by me.

It means a lot to people when you remember not only their birthdays, but other special or traumatic events in their lives. Here are a few examples.


Birthday parties or celebrations offer another opportunity to be creative. When my children were young, we had some fun birthday parties; simple by today’s standards. A blanket hung over a doorway made a great fish pond. For some reason, prizes were more cherished if the kids had to fish for them rather than just being handed a surprise. It must have been fun. They wanted to fish several times, and I purchased extra prizes for this purpose. Sounds a tad old-fashioned, but it was a hit back then.

On holiday birthdays, I made simple costumes for the kids to wear. A Thanksgiving party turned the party-goers into pilgrims with construction paper hats, buckles on their shoes, and aprons for the girls. A turkey birthday cake delighted everyone. Sometimes simple is better and a lot more fun.

Carol’s cards may be purchased at or just click on the Etsy button in the right hand column. Cards are also available on my art gallery of original oil paintings at this link: